(Copybob) is an enthusiastic, dedicated writer capable of composing outstanding copy on a deadline. I can enthusiastically provide my support for him.
–Scott A Jones, CEO, IndyRobotics; Chairman, Gracenote

When Hoosier Energy needed a talented writer who could carry out assignments in a short amount of time, we turned to Bob Sullivan, and we were so pleased with his work that we re-engaged on several subsequent assignments. Bob carries out the full breadth of tasks that are needed for our website copy, case studies, and articles – interviewing, researching, collaborating and copy-editing – so that there is no worry on our part about receiving a complete project that we can fit into whatever slot we have in mind.
–Jeff Quyle, (Former) Economic Development Coordinator, Hoosier Energy, Bloomington, IN

When BlueFish Wireless was ready to launch their quarterly newsletter, we brought Bob aboard. Bob developed a voice with the perfect blend of technical savvy and irreverent humor, which helped our material stand out from other providers, and led to several follow-through inquiries. We were very pleased with Bob’s contributions in developing our newsletter presence.
–Josh Garrett, Director, BlueFish Wireless, Indianapolis, IN

I’ve known Bob since he was a green copywriter learning to craft just the right retail selling message in 15 words or less. He has progressed mightily in a short amount of time and continues to hone his writing skills by working on a wide variety of projects. He’s very adept at quickly grasping the essence of a project and delivering quality copy within even the tightest deadline. Bob’s skills as a writer are only surpassed by his likeable, easy-going nature.
–Dave Lehr, Former Senior Copywriter, Galyans Sporting Goods

Bob coordinated with my team in Hong Kong…They focused on presenting the technology in a clear and interesting way, as well as on keeping a consistent branding message across the product line. …Bob brings a positive attitude with his great writing talent that will be an asset to any company fortunate enough to have him on their team.
–Bill Pike, CEO and Founder, Solpro

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