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POSM_Office_Software_IconA couple of weeks ago, I marked 2018 as my most successful year DBA CopyBob Business Writing Services. This is in very large part to reconnecting with one-time Galyan’s co-worker Cliff Katter. Cliff and his brother, chief programmer and Company President Bob Katter, run POSM Software. POSM is a robust computer interface that captures and organizes video data from water and sewage pipeline inspections so the technicians in charge of construction and repair can do their very important job with the greatest speed and accuracy.

28378095_1675340399199696_11356782182716666_nHard to believe it’s been over a year since he contacted me in July 2017 and asked if I wanted to team up, his graphic arts skills paired with my way with words to give their website a major facelift and create a social media presence for the company.

We’ve come a long way.

I’ve fit into my role as part-time contracted team member pretty smoothly. I’ve learned a lot, helped a lot, and have created a lot of work I’m proud of, for a team that appreciates it. What more can one ask for? (“To get paid well and on time,” you reply. To which I say, “Ha-ha, they do THAT, too!”)

As success stories were posted, the original intent was to share them here every couple blogs. Unfortunately, the time crunch did not allow me to post here as I’d planned. So I’ll just say I’ve written quite a lot of new tech-oriented articles about how POSM helps their customers, articles I’m very proud of.

If you want to check them out, go here to their main news (blog archive) page, start at the top, and read through to the end. It’s pretty fascinating stuff if I say so myself.

And if you feel so inclined,

click this link to follow POSM Software on Facebook and
Click this link to do the same on LinkedIn.

Thanks again to POSM for a terrific year, and I’m looking forward to see where we go next!

CobyBob remains available to work with additional clients on an ongoing and project-by-project basis.


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