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Writing that works for you!

A copywriter with nearly 25 years in advertising and marketing communications with a long track record of successfully creating compelling content that increases brand awareness and meets or exceeds the goals of the company.


  • Subject expertise: robotics, technology, SaaS, economic development, infrastructure, insurance.
  • Content expertise: product copy, catalogs, SEO content, newsletters, white papers, blogs, profiles, website, B2B, B2C.
  • Growing experience in social media marketing (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn).


  • I.U. Bachelor of Arts in English from I.U.P.U.I.
  • Self-driven, independent multi-tasker comfortable with tight deadlines.
  • Comfortable onsite or remote. Team player.
  • Experienced interviewer (face-to-face, telephone, and electronic).


POSM Software Contracted Marketing Communications Specialist August 2017-November 2022
Over five years, the co-founders and I created a top-to-bottom refresh of the brand with a redesigned website and reworked product copy to better incorporate current SEO best practices. Crafted new in-depth blog content and created a social media presence. Updated the trade show materials, ran press releases, and in 2020 crafted a business plan. In 2021, we launched a new camera product and in 2022 partnered with a major hardware company to assist with manufacturing and inventory. POSMSoftware.com

Morgan County Business Leader Freelance story editor 2008-2015
Contracted staff/story editor for monthly magazine. Profiled business owners, from “mom and pop” to CEOs.

Galyans Sports and Outdoor In-house print copywriter 2001-2004
Catalogs, Sunday inserts, web content.

Indy Robot Racing Team Marketing Volunteer E-writer 2006-2007
E-newsletter, web content, and magazine ads. Project Lead Scott Jones.

CopyBob is also known as R. J. Sullivan
Author of Dark Fiction. Ghosts, aliens, and monsters. Oh, my!

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